AFCC Denver conference in June 2010 focuses on alienation topics

by Annette Burns on February 11, 2010

Take a close look at the AFCC Denver program (June 2-5, 2010).  The topics are great and the primary focus is on the hottest topic of them all – alienation of children.  The AFCC brochure with 80 workshop descriptions can be found on this page  AFCC Denver conference and program

And this topic comes up while the DSM-IV updates are under consideration, making the alienation discussion even more timely.   Will Parental Alienation become a DSM diagnosis?  

DSM-IV updates: AOL story link 

The most exciting part is that the top researchers in the country on alienation will be at the Denver conference, so all the latest information is there in one place.    I'm really excited about it.

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