AFCC Online Resources

by Annette Burns on March 11, 2014

AFCC maintains a resource website called Center for Excellence in Family Court Practice that, not surprisingly, holds great resources. I visit this site pretty frequently, to find everything from the Wingspread Report (the report which was the result of a think tank/ conference on domestic violence issues in the family court) to various guidelines for professional practice (Court-Involved Therapy, Brief Focused Assessments, Custody Evaluations, Parenting Coordination). There are many more reports, Guidelines and resources, including mp3 files on presentations on topics including domestic violence; direct access to Special Issues of the Family Court Review; and PDF downloads. I continue to believe that the first place to look for guidance, when confronted with a new or troubling issue, is the AFCC resources which include the Center for Excellence as well as the Family Court Review issues. The Center for Excellence in Family Court Practice is free to the public; all current and past issues of Family Court Review are available as one of the benefits of AFCC membership.

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