Alec Baldwin: Mum’s the Word for a Smarter Divorce

by Annette Burns on November 15, 2010

Ran into this post on Huffington Post, and it's by, of all people, Alec Baldwin.   Please don't skip it just because of the author.  It makes some sense.


I have a friend who is divorced. Actually, I have many friends who are divorced, but this particular friend's situation is unique in a few ways. My friend, let's call him Cal, is a famous journalist and writer. His work in the world of media has resulted, literally, in some of the most seminal changes in American history. His books have flourished since his earlier work in newspapers. He is a much sought after speaker and, from my perspective, one of the most insightful observers of political affairs at home, and around the world, that can be found today.


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