AzAFCC presentation notes

by Annette Burns on February 4, 2012

Attached is the TIMinuteEntry_Redacted for the appointment of a TI, as discussed in the AFCC workshop in Sedona on Saturday February 3.

Here’s the link for the Maricopa County Behavioral Health Roster, which lists professionals who will handle parenting coordination, supervised visitation, custody evaluations, therapy and therapeutic interventions for family court cases.     This is a Roster maintained by the court for convenience, and the court does not independently verify the information provided by the professional.

Also at the conference, Dr. David Weinstock’s “Email Rules” were mentioned several times.    My adaptation of his rules (Heck, I stole them and modified them for my own use) is here.  These Guidelines were also made a part of the Arizona AFCC Summit Project Report in 2011.

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