Rule 12, Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure, regarding “Court Interviews of Children” was changed effective January 1, 2015.  The changes are significant.  The old version stated (in toto): On motion of any party, or its own motion, the court may, in its discretion, conduct an in camera interview with a minor child who is […]

Children In Between Online – Online Parenting Course

by Annette Burns on March 25, 2015

I’ve been referring some clients and parenting coordination parties to online parenting education at Children in Between Online (CIBO).   I became aware of this online course through a seminar presentation in January.   I took the course myself.  I don’t think it’s fair to ask parents/ clients to review books or courses unless I’ve […]

Monday Morning Minute: Kids and Cell Phones

by Annette Burns on March 23, 2015

This recent New York Times article on Managing Media in the Family has some valuable tips about kids’ use of technology.   Tech issues, including cell phone use and abuse, are similar whether the family is intact or separated. Step Away From the Phone and No Phones at Family Time would resolve some common complaints that […]

Are You a Restrictive Gate-Keeper?

by Annette Burns on March 18, 2015

Here’s a list of divorce parenting behaviors that every professional in family court cases is familiar with. The other parent is insulted in front of the child, either directly to her, or by her overhearing family discussions (or even telephone calls) about the other person. Financial issues, including payment or nonpayment of child support, are […]

Attorneys: What You Can Be Doing to Improve the Chances of Success at Mediation

February 9, 2015

I think most attorneys suggest mediation to their clients because they truly feel a mediated agreement is best for everyone.   Yes, I know that sometimes mediation is forced on the attorneys and clients, by a judge and by our court rules.   As long as you’re doing mediation, for whatever reason, why not improve […]

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What’s Going to Go On at my Divorce Mediation Session?

February 4, 2015

How should clients prepare for a divorce/ family law mediation session?   I have a standard letter I send out to counsel when a mediation is scheduled, but I try to keep it fairly brief, knowing that people don’t want to read a long letter.   It basically sets the hours we will meet on […]

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New Beginnings Program Continues to Provide Parent Education

February 2, 2015

I originally wrote about ASU’s New Beginnings program in December 2012 in this post.    More than two years later, that program for parents is alive and well, and you can call (855) 531-0851 or 602-633-8819, and visit their website at for more information.      The program accepts referrals from court as well as self-referrals. […]

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Nine Tips to Save Money Using Your Parenting Coordinator

January 14, 2015

So, you have a PC assigned to your case and you’ve paid (probably a bunch of) money to get started with that person. Between you and the other parent, you have brought somewhere from two to ten issues with the PC.  How can you save some money and get the most out of your parenting […]

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Emailing is Great for Communicating, If Used Correctly

January 7, 2015

This is Part 2 of the discussion about communication between separated/ divorced parents and the tension that develops when one parent wants to have detailed or frequent communication and the other parent doesn’t. The previous post talked about misuse of texting and why it can’t be a form of communication if one parent objects to […]

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But Shouldn’t Co-Parents Talk About Everything About the Kids?

January 5, 2015

A common complaint from divorcing/ divorced/ never married co-parents goes like this: “She texts, calls and emails me constantly about the kids. Every moment I have the kids, she is telling me what to do with them, when they need to go to bed, and what they should eat. She is micro-managing every moment of […]

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