Nine Tips to Save Money Using Your Parenting Coordinator

by Annette Burns on January 14, 2015

So, you have a PC assigned to your case and you’ve paid (probably a bunch of) money to get started with that person. Between you and the other parent, you have brought somewhere from two to ten issues with the PC.  How can you save some money and get the most out of your parenting […]

Emailing is Great for Communicating, If Used Correctly

by Annette Burns on January 7, 2015

This is Part 2 of the discussion about communication between separated/ divorced parents and the tension that develops when one parent wants to have detailed or frequent communication and the other parent doesn’t. The previous post talked about misuse of texting and why it can’t be a form of communication if one parent objects to […]

A common complaint from divorcing/ divorced/ never married co-parents goes like this: “She texts, calls and emails me constantly about the kids. Every moment I have the kids, she is telling me what to do with them, when they need to go to bed, and what they should eat. She is micro-managing every moment of […]

Massachusetts Needs a Parenting Coordination Rule

by Annette Burns on November 3, 2014

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, while finding that the appointment of a parenting coordinator is within the court’s inherent judicial authority and may be helpful to expedite the disposition of disputes and provide a more satisfying and timely resolution of disputes, also found that Massachusetts’ lack of any rule or statutory provisions outlining a parenting […]

Everyone’s Busy Season

October 29, 2014

It’s everyone’s busy time of year, but particularly for divorcing/ separating parents, family lawyers and judges, and parenting coordinators.  For pending divorce cases, those who have been involved in a divorce all this year suddenly realize—-the year is almost over and I’m not divorced!  Let’s get this done!   Clients and lawyers are under pressure […]

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When the Parents Have to be Good Sports

September 4, 2014

I don’t know how parents do it.  A recent New York Times article noted that parents are exhausted and harassed by the kids’ sports schedules.  Calling the sports system the “youth sports juggernaut” isn’t far off; the schedules are demanding and constant and getting the kids to the required activities interferes with lots of other […]

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Volk v. Brame, 1-CA-SA 14-0079

September 2, 2014

In Volk v. Commissioner Brame, a Father took a Special Action Petition on his claim that he was denied a hearing and the opportunity to present testimony, resulting in a denial of due process through Maricopa County’s Family Court Conference process.   (This process used to be called Expedited Services.)   That case involved a […]

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Parent Transition Reports, Part II (Examples)

August 29, 2014

As a follow up to my last post on Parent Communication/ Transition Reports, here are some examples of straightforward News or Transition Reports that would likely be helpful to the other parent. Notice that these are straightforward, give information, and do not comment on the other parent’s parenting abilities or make judgments.  Also notice that […]

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Parent Communication/ Transition Reports

August 27, 2014

More and more Maricopa County parenting time orders are including a provision that the parents exchange a “Child News Report”, “Weekly Report”, or “Transition Report” about the children who are traveling between two homes.  I’ve seen mixed success with the use of these reports.    When they aren’t particularly effective, it’s usually because one or both […]

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Books for Parents

August 17, 2014

Here are the books about co-parenting I recommend most recently for people who want general information about co-parenting following divorce or separation of the parents: Parenting After Divorce: A Guide to Resolving Conflicts and Meeting Your Children’s Needs, by Philip M. Stahl, Ph.D (2007). The Co-Parenting Survival Guide: Letting Go of Conflict After A Difficult […]

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