Employers’ Demands for Social Passwords More and More Likely to be Regulated

August 15, 2013

Asking for social media passwords may be a tactic now in depositions or requests to the court.    But requesting passwords may be limited by law, now or very soon.    Here’s a list of what state legislatures are doing to limit an employer’s ability to obtain employee passwords. Arizona’s proposed law (proposed in the […]

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Some Maricopa County (AZ) Family Law Websites

August 12, 2013

I look at other family law websites and thought I’d see what some sites have that others don’t.   Here’s what I found so far. Hallier & Lawrence.  What I found here that didn’t appear at other sites:   “Ask Angie” and “Andi v. Andi” (which, I think, has now ended with the exit of […]

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Deleting that Facebook Page Could Cost You

August 5, 2013

More than two years ago, a very large sanction was issued by a Virginia court against an attorney and his client. The sanction was for destruction of social media evidence (specifically, a Facebook page) during litigation. This wasn’t done in a family law case, but that situation could easily happen to a family law attorney. […]

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Tax Court Cases Still Fighting the Dependency Exemption Battle

May 28, 2013

I’ve written before about the sometimes harsh results a parent finds in tax court after trying to claim a dependency exemption without a Form 8332 [You Almost Can't Win With the IRS]    State courts are even faced with the argument that they don’t have the authority to allocate dependency exemptions at all.  (That argument […]

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Top 3 Misused Parenting Plan Provisions

May 13, 2013

Which provisions of a parenting plan are most likely to be used as a weapon in a high conflict case? Here are my nominees. Number 3.    You need my permission to take the children out of state or out of the country. Many, many parenting plans still include a provision that one parent can’t travel out […]

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Conservation of Energy in Conversations – Seth Godin

April 16, 2013

Seth Godin’s post today can be easily applied to conversations and emails between parents: “If you escalate (cut off in traffic, angry at the gate agent, frustrated at your boss), you’ve just added (negative) energy to a conversation. If you escalate (high-pitched enthusiasm, a hug, encouraging words), you’ve just added (positive) energy to a conversation. Once […]

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Use and Misuse of the Parenting Coordinator – Part II

March 25, 2013

This is a fresh look at a post from March, 2011.    Another refreshed post, Part I of this title, was posted on January 20, 2013. Once a parenting coordinator is assigned and you think there are issues to be addressed by the PC, what information does the PC need to get started?  What information […]

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Rule 10, Part 3

March 18, 2013

This is the third of three posts about Rule 10, Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure.   Rule 10 covers the use of either a best interests attorney or an attorney for the child in a family court proceeding.  What’s the difference between a best interests attorney and an attorney for the child?   That […]

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Rule 10, Part 2

March 16, 2013

This post is the second of three about Rule 10, Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure.    Rule 10 deals with the use of a best interests attorney, attorney for a child, and a court-appointed advisor (CAA) in family court proceedings. How each role participates in courtroom proceedings and litigation is described in Rule 10E: E. […]

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Rule 10, ARFLP, Revisited

March 13, 2013

Even with no recent cases or guidance from the courts or rules committees on Rule 10, revisiting this Rule seems appropriate.   Rule 10 is a primer for three main classes of representation in custody cases.   Two of these roles are more traditional attorney representation and those two roles may only be filled by […]

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