Co-Parenting and Parenting Plans: COVID Considerations

April 2, 2020

Here’s an online discussion between the Honorable Gerri Wong, Ontario Court of Justice, and me, hosted by AFCC and sponsored by Soberlink, presented on April 1, 2020. The link provides free online viewing.

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Oregon guidance for parenting plans should be applied to Arizona plans

March 26, 2020

Oregon was well-prepared to provide guidance to parents about their parenting plans and parenting time during the COVID crisis. Oregon had a pre-existing panel, the Oregon Statewide Family Law Advisory Committee, which was able to provide almost immediate guidance about court orders for parenting time. Those guidelines can be found here and include the following: […]

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Quick Update 3/24/2020

March 24, 2020

A very quick update on Co-Parenting, parenting plans, and exchange of children during the COVID outbreak. The guidelines I’ve posted earlier remain in effect — parenting plans and court orders for child parenting time remain in effect and should be followed. I’ve heard from countless parents saying, in effect, “I don’t know if the other […]

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CoVID and Co-Parenting: Stick With the Plan, Be Flexible When You Can

March 17, 2020

There are no easy answers to some questions: *My co-parent isn’t keeping our kids away from other kids during his parenting time. We live with my elderly parents and the kids are going to come back and expose my parents. *My co-parent just got back to the United States from another country, and wants to […]

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Separated Parents and CoVID

March 15, 2020

Parents:    This is a truly difficult time.   Talk about making being divorced/ separated from your other parent more difficult! Please follow guidelines for co-parenting as closely as possible during these difficult times, for your sake and your children’s sake (and health) YOUR PARENTING PLAN SHOULD BE FOLLOWED.   Do not take advantage of general chaos in […]

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Benefits of Failed Mediation – Part II

January 28, 2020

This is Part II of two posts discussing why “failed” mediations don’t need to be failures, and what the attorney and client should be doing at mediation, even if all issues aren’t going to be settled. 3.      Keep examining the other party’s disclosure.   It’s possible that by the time of mediation, the attorney and client […]

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Benefits of a Failed Mediation – Part I

January 25, 2020

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” – Thomas A. Edison That quote sums up my experience with mediation.    I’ve never found it helpful to brag that I settle “98%” (or whatever percent) of the mediations I handle.  For one thing, I don’t, and for another, I think talking about […]

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Supervised Parenting Time and Public Place Visits

September 19, 2019

Should a parent who by court order has only supervised visitation with a child be able to attend public and school events involving the child, such as sports events or school programs, without a supervisor? Many (or most) court orders that set up supervised-only parenting time clearly state when, where, and under what circumstances the […]

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Does Arizona Have an Equal Parenting Time Presumption?

June 17, 2019

The never ending question of whether Arizona has a presumption of equal parenting time rages on.[1]     I’ve seen various articles that list Arizona as one of several U.S. jurisdictions that have an equal parenting time presumption.  A statement that Arizona has a legal presumption of parenting time, without further explanation, is wrong; Arizona doesn’t have […]

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Be Your Own Parenting Coordinator – Part 2 of 2

May 30, 2019

This post and the last one expand on the thought that parents can and should do more on their own regarding parenting, and that parents can effectively be their own parenting coordinator (the ultimate way to save money!).     Parenting coordinators help resolve parenting issues that either aren’t covered by your parenting plan, or that fall […]

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