Child Support Guidelines Revisions Keep Moving Along

by Annette Burns on July 15, 2010

Arizona's child support guidelines revisions, pending since early 2008, are nearing completion and implementation.  The Child Support Guidelines Review Committee's website at CSGRC  provides lots of information about the review and revision process, meeting minutes, and the economic analyses used in determining the new guidelines.  The child support changes will, in some cases, be dramatic if the new Guidelines are adopted by the Supreme Court.

Not everyone is happy about the proposed changes.   Blog entries and other postings are starting to pop up, and they include the argument that some child support increases are so dramatic they can be characterized as income redistribution or spousal support.   Arizona Poised to Radically Increase Child Support

One thing is clear:  the currently pending revisions to the child support guidelines are more controversial than any of the previous revisions, done every four years since child support guidelines were first introduced in Arizona in 1987.  It should be interesting.

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