Children In Between Online – Online Parenting Course

by Annette Burns on March 25, 2015

I’ve been referring some clients and parenting coordination parties to online parenting education at Children in Between Online (CIBO).   I became aware of this online course through a seminar presentation in January.   I took the course myself.  I don’t think it’s fair to ask parents/ clients to review books or courses unless I’ve personally gone through them to see if they’re valuable.  This course took me approximately 4-5 hours in total (done over several sessions), to review the 6 segments and numerous videos, to review the information given, and to answer the questions involved with each segment.   I passed all the segments the first time, but I didn’t get 100% on all of them.  The course is set up to require almost constant attention to the course, and it would be difficult to pass the segments without paying attention and getting something out of the presentations.  I found it valuable.    I just want to assure parents that I don’t recommend these courses lightly, and I do the work myself.    In most cases, I recommend this course or something like it (or in-person parenting counseling sessions) because I believe the referred party is likely to get something out of the experience.  I did.

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