Coparenting resources

by Annette Burns on August 19, 2013

There are lots of resources for coparenting information and suggestions for communication.   If everyone was willing to track down, read and use these resources on their own, the need for parenting coordinators and coparenting counselors would go WAY down, and frankly I’d be glad to lose the business for that reason.

List of Coparenting books:    There’s a list located on my website — scroll to the bottom of the Resources page.

This CoParenting Resources Guide prepared by Texas psychologist Dr. Linelle Yingling brought together several good articles and suggestions about coparenting.

The Arizona chapter of AFCC offers several resources, including Coparenting Communication Guide (2012 9 13) (the chapter’s full 2011 Summit Project report that led to this Guide is here); and its own list of suggested reading, including books on parenting, divorce and child development.

For cases where parenting time is supervised, the Arizona chapter of AFCC offers Guidelines for Nonclinical Monitored Parenting Time (the chapter’s 2012 Summit Project), and the Supervised Visitation Network has its Standards for Supervised Visitation Practice.


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