Family Law in the Digital Age: Befriending New Technologies from AzAFCC Sedona Seminar

by Annette Burns on January 31, 2011

At the AzAFCC Sedona Conference, in the presentation I did with Edie Croxen and Skype-Diva Rebecca Stahl, we mentioned and included in our materials some Family Privacy Orders.  Those orders are here in Word format that you can use and modify in your own orders  Download Family-privacy-orders   Thanks to Edie Croxen who originally created these Orders, and we hope they’re useful.

Here’s the You Tube for Social Media Revolution 2 that we showed at the beginning of the program.

A couple of interesting articles that we ran across in preparing for that presentation are also included:

Man Charged in Reading Wife’s Email

New York Times Top 10 technology tips

And, as we mentioned, the Library of Congress is now storing ALL tweets sent through Twitter How Tweet It Is    As in, storing them FOREVER.  Happy Tweeting.

A very partial bibliography of other interesting intersections between family law and internet usage/ misusage is here:  Download BibliographyBefriendingTechnologies

And, here’s the Power Point slides we used in Sedona   Befriendnewtechnologiessedona (1)

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