Minnesota May be Outdoing Arizona at Efforts to Reconcile Couples

by Annette Burns on May 14, 2010

If you thought the Arizona legislature was getting a little too involved in the institution of marriage by proposing a longer waiting period to get a divorce (this year's proposal to extend the current 60-day waiting period to 180 days, which did NOT become law), you should be aware of what the Minnesota legislature is looking at.   Minnesota's pending legislation, called Couples on the Brink, would allow the court to use funds to "identify couples who might want to reconcile, and improve the quality of marriage counseling they receive."    The bill, predictably, does not have the support of the MN family community, although it's said to have bipartisan support.   There is no word about how or why the court system could improve marriage counseling services.   Note the last sentence of the article:  Right now in Minnesota, couples can agree to put their case on inactive status for up to a year while they attempt to reconcile—but few do.

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