New Beginnings Program Continues to Provide Parent Education

by Annette Burns on February 2, 2015

I originally wrote about ASU’s New Beginnings program in December 2012 in this post.    More than two years later, that program for parents is alive and well, and you can call (855) 531-0851 or 602-633-8819, and visit their website at for more information.      The program accepts referrals from court as well as self-referrals.

Maricopa County Superior Court is currently referring parents who are returning to court with parenting time or legal decision-making disputes to this program in an effort to reduce litigation about child issues.     The way the program works is described as:  Groups of 6-10 fathers (or mothers) meet weekly with a highly trained professional group leader. There are separate groups for fathers and mothers, with free child care available. The goal of the group meetings is to teach skills to build stronger relationships and communicate more effectively with your children; protect them from being caught in the middle of arguments between the parents; and learn and use effective discipline strategies.

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