Parenting Classes, PIP, and other Parenting Resources

by Annette Burns on September 17, 2012

Here are a few online parenting classes that MAY OR MAY NOT  fulfill the Maricopa County Family Court’s requirement of that every parent of a minor child must complete an approved parenting class prior to any dissolution.  (See the statute here)

Putting Kids First

Parent Education Online

Family Affairs

Again, I’m not making any guarantees that online classes will absolutely meet the requirements set out for Maricopa County, but at least one or two of these advertise “Guaranteed Court Acceptance”, so you can look into that.

The Maricopa County Family Court site also lists these approved PIP (Parent Information Program) providers to fulfill the statutory requirements (these are presumably all in-person classes).

The Maricopa County Family Court website also includes a Resources section of parenting skills and other classes (not online, and presumably not to fulfill the PIP requirements).

And finally:  did you know that the Parents’ Bill of Rights (passed in Arizona in 2010) is not located in Title 25, but appears in Title 1?


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