Please please me: Talk about greed.

by Annette Burns on January 2, 2008

Heather Mills McCartney recently turned down a $100Million settlement offer from Sir Paul in their divorce proceedings.  They were married on 6/11/2002 and separated less than four years later.

Heather was born 1-12-1968, which means she wasn’t yet born when Paul made his real money.    By my calculations, everything from Can’t Buy Me Love to Rubber Soul and even Hey Jude predated this woman’s existence.  Abbey Road came out while Mills-McCartney was probably still in diapers; could that be a basis for her claim?

Under what theory does Mills-McCartney get millions that were made/ earned/ created before she was born?  No big leap of logic to figure out why divorce is so nasty.     Makes one wish that there were jury trials in divorce cases.  I wonder what jury would think she’s entitled to that kind of payout for a four-year union?   You’ve just gotta wonder if they’re going to Come Together and settle this thing before Heather embarrasses herself any more.

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