Presumptive Termination Date for Child Support awards

by Annette Burns on November 2, 2005

The Child Support Guidelines, as updated effective January 1, 2005, provide that all Child Support Orders must include a "presumptive termination date" for the Order.  (Section 4 of the Guidelines)
That date is described as the last day of the month of the 18th birthday of the youngest child included in the order, unless the court finds that it is projected that the youngest child will not complete high school by age 18, in which event the presumptive date will be the last day of the month in which high school graduation is anticipated (so long as not past the child’s 19th birthday).
The calculation of the presumptive termination date is not as hard as it sounds.   The Honorable Norman Davis, Presiding Family Court Judge in Maricopa County, created the following table which simplifies the determination of the presumptive termination date, based on the child’s date of birth.

Child Born                       Presumptive Termination Date Is: 

From- Thru

Jan. 1-May 31                    May 31 in 18th Year After Year of Birth

June 1-Sept. 1                   Last Day of Birth Month in 18th Year After Year of Birth

Sept. 2- Dec. 31                 May 31 in 19th Year After Year of Birth

Thanks to Judge Davis for this table.

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