Settling the Christmas Access Dispute – a Video to Watch

by Annette Burns on December 24, 2012

I wish all my clients, counsel, and all parents involved in the family law system would take 6 minutes and watch this video, “Settling the Christmas Access Dispute”, about parental conflict during the holidays and how it affects the children.

“Hey, it was always Dad (or Mom) that took the fight out of the holidays for us and put us kids first.  I realize that now and I appreciate it.”

“Hey, it was always Dad (0r Mom) that caused conflict during the holidays.   I realize that now, and boy was that a rotten thing to do to us kids.”

If the parents are fighting, the kids are going to come to one of those conclusion eventually.  Your choice.

Gary Direnfeld is a  social worker and parenting coordinator in Ontario, and his website has great articles about parenting and divorce.

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