Techie Etiquette

by Annette Burns on November 9, 2012

Nice little article on technology etiquette at The Legal Water Cooler.   The writer points out:

“Technology is here to stay, so deal with it.  I bring my iPad to meeting to take notes, and, yes, keep tabs on the office. Discreetly.  When I attend a conference where I intend to live-Tweet or blog, I introduce myself to the speaker, letting him or her know that I am not tapping away to be rude, but am communicating their message to my followers.  When I am at a business event, or social functions, the iPhone is put away, unless there is an emergency that I am following (personal or professional).”

I personally don’t mind at all if I’m moderating an event and people are using phones, laptops or iPads, but I realize that’s probably not the majority view.  In a recent seminar I attended, I was able to look up research articles online while the speaker was referring to them, and also use Evernote to make follow-up notes to myself.  I actually listened to the speaker while doing this, and using the laptop enhanced what I got out of the seminar.     But now I realize it might have been nice to let the speaker know ahead of time that I was actually listening while doing those things.

I know people who take notes during meetings/ seminars on their iPhones (as well as iPads or computers).  If there’s nothing wrong with taking notes during a meeting, what’s wrong with the most efficient people taking notes right into a laptop?

One techie etiquette point I wish more people would learn isn’t something new:   it’s how to find their mute button during conference calls that they take on speaker phones.    Barking dogs, chewing, paper scrunching and the sound of someone’s keyboard tapping along is getting old — find the button already.


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