UpToParents.org Is a Great Site for Divorcing Parents

by Annette Burns on August 23, 2009

Please check out www.UpToParents.org

This interactive site has free content for parents about parenting and the effect of parental conflict on children.     There are sections for Professionals to read to find out how the site can be of use to Attorneys, Custody Evaluators, Parent Educators, and Mediators.    But for the most part, the site is addressed to parents, with many exercises on how to see how their conflict is affecting the children.  So often, the parents rush to the conclusion that the children need counseling (and maybe they do), but the parents can't see how resolving some of their own conflicts would be a better solution for the children.

There is so much content on this website that I've made a commitment to spend 30 minutes a day on it, for at least the next week or two, to try and get through most of it.  I'll continue to report on the parts of this website that I think are the most valuable to our clients, but in the meantime, visit the site, sign up (it's free), and start your own review.

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