California AFCC presentation on 2-13-2011

California AFCC presentation on 2-13-2011

Edie Croxen and I had a great time presenting at the AFCC-CA conference on Sunday February 13, and we thank the California chapter for their hospitality.    Here are some things that were mentioned and promised during that presentation:

Power Point slides   Download BefriendNewTechnologies

Here’s the link for Social media Revolution 2 that we showed at the beginning of the program.

Family Privacy Orders in WORD    Download Family-privacy-orders-1

Find out your computer’s IP address at WhatsMyIP

And check out the WayBack machine—-finding old web pages that existed at some point in the past, but are no longer around, at

Also see the post from AzAFCC – Sedona  which has a few other interesting links.

I left the comments open, in case I’ve forgotten anything that we promised to post.

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