Child Support Guidelines Revisions – What happens now

Child Support Guidelines Revisions – What happens now

Specifically, here is how the Arizona Judicial Council (AJC) dealt with the issue of approval of the Child Support Guidelines in its October 21, 2010 meeting.  The following is an excerpt from the AJC minutes of that date.



Child Support Guidelines Review


MOTION:  To recommend to the Supreme Court that they make inflationary adjustments to the current Income Shares model effective March 2011; refer the COBS model to Legislature’s Child Support  Committee (CSC) to determine if Arizona should look at a different way of doing child support, recognizing some of the flaws in the current model that have been pointed out, and looking at any other systems they wish; create an advisory group as recommended by Judge Cohen to provide expertise to the CSC; place the issue back on the Council’s agenda in October 2011 with the idea that if in fact the Legislature does provide guidance to the Council through the CSC or legislation, or if they don’t act, that the Council would be in a position to recommend to the Court further action on any adjustments to the system; and that a sentence be added to the income shares updated guidelines in the deviation section that indicates in cases with significant disparity of income between the custodial and non-custodial parent, a deviation may be appropriate.  Motion was seconded and passed (3 opposed).  AJC 2010-33.

The Revisions Committee then completed its work in updating the support schedules, and the revised Guidelines, without the substantial changes that would have resulted from an application of Child Outcome Based Support (COBS) were issued November 15, 2010. They are effective for all child support orders entered after May 31, 2011.
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