CLE Resources from January 19, 2012

CLE Resources from January 19, 2012

Here is the CCE vs LFA slide (the Power Point slides) shown during the psychologist panel presentation at the State Bar of Arizona seminar on January 19, 2012. These include cites to the article resources we mentioned as well as the online resources and standards of practice available through AFCC.

As far as alienation issues, the entire January 2010 issue of Family Court Review is useful. It was a special issue devoted to alienation issues which were then discussed at the June, 2010 AFCC Conference in Denver. AFCC members have access to conference audio as well as a full subscription to the print and online versions of Family Court Review.

The articles mentioned in the bibliography were WeinstockKenneyarticle , Greenberg and Shuman and Greenberg and Gould article.

The therpeutic, evaluative and hybrid roles descriptions that were included in the seminar materials are here.

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