Conversations About Domestic Violence in Family Law

Conversations About Domestic Violence in Family Law

I’m so pleased to be a part of the Conversations About Domestic Violence in Family Law With Sixteen Experts, along with Bill Eddy and the Hon. Karen Adam. This series of six one-hour video interviews on domestic violence is the culmination of the months of interviews we did, almost entirely during the Covid shutdown, with some of the most experienced domestic violence researchers, judges, law enforcement agencies, shelters, mediators, and attorneys.

Essentially, Bill, Karen and I realized and discussed that recently licensed professionals may have little experience with DV/IPV, yet their cases involving DV/IPV will be some of the most difficult they handle. Even experienced professionals may want to know more about how other professionals, courts, and agencies handle DV/IPV cases to learn how we can do better. Using our various viewpoints as a mental health professional and mediator (Bill), a former Judge and active family law professional (Karen), and a family law attorney and mediator (Annette), we asked these wonderful professionals the questions we’ve always wanted answered.

We all agreed that family law professionals are being called to deal with DV/IPV more than ever before. We needed to broaden our understanding of the impact of DV/IPV on family law issues to help us better handle these emotionally charged and dangerous cases.

We created this video series that presents an overview of DV/IPV and family court. The featured experts offer concrete, real-world advice about how to screen for DV/IPV, assess the level of danger, and work towards safe and healthy resolutions for families. Please review the introductory video on the site for more information.

The six video categories are

Video 1
Understanding Domestic Violence (DV) / Intimate Partner Violence IPV)

Video 2
Screening and Assessing for Domestic Violence 

 Video 3
Challenges within the Current Family Court System

Video 4
Mediation Concerns in Domestic Violence Cases

Video 5
Understanding Children’s Issues

Video 6
Offender Treatment, Vicarious Trauma, and Training for Professionals

I am so blessed to be a part of this incredible project!

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