Family Law Education Reform Project

Family Law Education Reform Project

Have you ever thought that law schools need to place a greater emphasis on family law education?    If so, know that an esteemed group of lawyers, judges, mediators, educators and Ph.Ds agree with you and are doing something about it.     The Family Law Education Reform project (FLER) was designed to help law schools create and provide family law curriculums that will provide lawyers with the many tools needed for a successful family law practice.

Co-chaired by Andrew Schepard, J.D., Professor of Law at Hofstra University, and Peter Salem, Executive Director of AFCC, the FLER project launched in 2004 and created its final report in 2006.   The report examines the many specialized areas in which lawyers should be educated in order to succeed:    ADR techniques; domestic violence; child abuse; pro pers in the court system; family dynamics; financial, accounting and business principles; communication issues; and the many disciplines involved with the family court.   

The result is a comprehensive report with recommendations and goals designed to train, educate, recruit and keep successful family law practitioners. 

View the Family Law Education Reform project final report at

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