Holidays and Divorce Guide for Coparents

Holidays and Divorce Guide for Coparents

Here’s a Holiday Guide for Coparents from that could be helpful.

Why not drop an email to your co-parent and tell him or her what you have planned for Christmas presents and holiday activities for the kids—even if you don’t expect the other parent to reciprocate?  Why not be the bigger person and offer that information for the good of your kids?

If you’re giving the kids any kind of electronic device for Christmas, why not let the other parent know that this is coming, rather than him or her finding out when the kids show up with the device? Why would you want to put your kids in the position of handling that with your ex, instead of dealing with that issue like grown-ups?

Give this some thought, and take some of the holiday pressure off your kids.  They’ll be better off for it, and you’ll feel better by being the good guy this season.

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