How to Get Training on Domestic Violence (whether you’re required to or not)

How to Get Training on Domestic Violence (whether you’re required to or not)

Some of the very best resources and instruction on domestic violence (aka Intimate Partner Violence or IPV) can be found at the Battered Women’s Justice Project website    It’s actually an amazing site for a number of reasons.

As we know, ARS 25-406 requires that any professional who “ conducts an investigation or prepares a report” pursuant to  that section must have initial and annual training in child abuse and domestic violence:

1. Six initial hours of training on domestic violence.

2. Six initial hours of child abuse training.

3. Four subsequent hours of training every two years on domestic violence and child abuse.

This means parenting coordinators, BIAs, CAAs (Rule 10), and of course custody evaluators, must meet these requirements.

All of this training can be found for free at in its Resource Center.  A variety of webinars can be viewed on subjects including Advocacy and Victims; Child Custody and Family Court; Military Personnel, Veterans, and Their Families; Offender Interventions; and Orders of Protection.

The BWJP offers its SAFeR program for intimate partner violence assessment, including the SAFeR Mediation Discussion Guide.  SAFeR stands for Screening, Assessing,  Focusing on effects, and Responding to IPV, and the project is fully described here

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