Writings I’m attempting

Writings I’m attempting

I’m still trying to get the Hetherington case summarized, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out what it stands for. But because it was a reported decision, it must stand for something, and I will try to figure it out.

Other writings I have in the works right now include an article for the Arizona AFCC newsletter on the Wingspread conference     Wingspread Conference report    (Go down aways on this page, to the section called “Additional Resources for Professionals”, and you will see the place to click for this Report).    Several of the Wingspread conference participants are presenting at the Arizona AFCC conference (Sedona, January 30, 2009) and it will be VERY exciting to have them here.  If you haven’t read the Wingspread Conference report yet (it’s on the court’s response to domestic violence issues), please read it.   It’s only 27 pages and it is really some groundbreaking stuff on responses to domestic violence.

I turned in a newsletter article on my rantings and ravings on the first right-of-refusal clause that exists in most parenting plans, and how badly I’ve seen it abused and misused in high-conflict cases recently.   That article should be in the Family Law Section’s newsletter next time it comes out.   After it appears there, I’ll post it here.

I’m also trying to finish an article on The Attorney as Parenting Coordinator, and why I feel (some) attorneys are uniquely skilled to act as PCs in high-conflict cases.   I think that article is for the Arizona AFCC newsletter as well.   I was inspired to do that article after reading the most recent issue of Journal of Child Custody, with guest editor Matthew Sullivan.  Matthew Sullivan (Ph.D., California) is simply the best trainer on parenting coordination in the country (in my opinion) and I will read anything he writes on the subject, and attend any training he presents on it.    His approach is practical and well-suited to Arizona’s version of parenting coordination, (Rule 74) which emphasizes decision-making for high-conflict cases over an ADR/ mediative model of parenting coordination.

Dr. Sullivan’s website is California Parenting Coordination.

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