IRS and Social Security Resources to review for your divorce

IRS and Social Security Resources to review for your divorce

The government can be your friend.   Before you seek advice from professionals about your social security benefits and particular tax situations and how they apply to your divorce, do your own research and know what questions to ask.

The Social Security Administration offers some advice about your benefits or potential benefits upon divorce:

SSA Retirement Planner   and

SSA Retirement Benefits for Your Divorced Spouse

Two other comprehensive online guides about SS and divorce are at:


Motley Fool Guide to Social Security 

IRS publications go into great detail about tax situations when you divorce.  These publications should be read by you while you also consult with a tax professional for specific tax advice that will apply to your divorce.    Available publications and forms for the divorced include:

The IRS “LifeCycle” series of documents:  See Divorced, Separated or Never-Married Parents 

Innocent Spouse Relief re any joint tax returns you’ve filed

Community Property

Tax Info for Survivors of Domestic Abuse

Form 8332, which must be signed and filed if you’re divorced and claiming a child as a dependency exemption

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