Kids First Maine Presentation 10-26-2012

Kids First Maine Presentation 10-26-2012

I had a great time presenting for Kids First Maine in Freeport, Maine on Friday October 26.  Thank you for all the hospitality, and special thanks to Liz, Peg, Susan and Ellen for all the work and taking care of me. You run a great conference. I was so impressed with the panel of local experts—Carlos Diaz, Justice Marygay Kennedy, and Dana Prescott. I learned a lot from you.

Some of the materials covered and resources discussed in the presentation are offered here for download.

Social media revolution (YouTube video)  old version

Social media revolution newer version

Twitter gives up the subpoena fight

List of court cases (2010-11 and first half of 2012) involving social media issues

Lorraine v. Merkel – Federal court case with discussion of authenticating online evidence in court.    The court’s discussion of the parties’ insufficient attempts to authenticate online evidence for court use starts at page 7 of this 101-page decision. — Resources for requesting online information from service providers (mentioned by Carlos  Diaz) (list of ISPs)

If your child is using Facebook and is underage (under 13, per their terms of service), it can be reported here.

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