Maricopa County Providers Orientation, 10-5-2012

Maricopa County Providers Orientation, 10-5-2012

Here are some of the resources mentioned in the Maricopa County Behavioral Health Providers’ Orientation & Update held on October 5, 2012 at the Phoenix School of Law.

AFCC Guidelines for Brief Focused Assessment (BFA)

The 2012-13 changes to custody statutes (effective 1-1-2013).  Senate Bill 1127 makes changes to several custody statutes including 25-403.  This includes nomenclature changes, creating “joint legal decision-making” (instead of joint legal custody).

AFCC Guidelines for Court Involved Therapy

Co-parent counseling suggested books: How to Win as a Stepfamily

Arizona AFCC website

Parenting Communication Resources (Arizona AFCC 2011 Summit Project)

Parenting Coordinator forms (Rule 97, Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure)  There are 3 forms related to Parenting Coordination in this list—Forms 9, 10 and 11.

Maricopa County Court Behavioral Health Provider Roster

Requirements for Providers to be on the Behavior Health Provider Roster

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