Parenting Coordination Notes and Tips

Parenting Coordination Notes and Tips

Attached is one file, “Parenting Coordination Tips”.  It has two parts to it, both concerning parenting coordination.   I handed this out at the For Better or For Worse seminar on Friday January 11 as part of the “hot tips” presentation. 

The first page of this file is just a parenting coordination checklist which can be placed in a file to have all the relevant information about your client’s parenting coordinator close at hand.  This checklist also helps your client and the parenting coordinator, because it acts as a reminder to make sure the parenting coordinator has been provided the necessary information about your client, including a copy of your client’s parenting plan.

The second part of this file includes my comments, complaints and general rants about the use of parenting coordinators, and how an attorney might deal with certain parenting coordinator situations.

Download ParentingCoordinationTips2008.pdf

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