Parenting Coordination – Common Issues

Parenting Coordination – Common Issues

During a recent discussion for some PC training, a quick list of common issues brought to Parenting Coordinators was compiled, and I thought it might be useful to post it here.  This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it’s a start, and can give attorneys, clients and judges an idea of the areas that PCs might have to get involved in when the parents can’t agree.

Scheduling Issues

Exchange locations, and time of day (tweaks to timing set forth in the JCA/ Parenting Plan)

Parents’ demeanor for exchanges, and who may be present at exchanges


Summer and vacation scheduling

Telephone contact between child and parent

Scheduling of medical appointments and medical information to be communicated from one parent to the other

Implementing Terms Already in the Parenting Plan

Sharing of health insurance information and providing insurance cards

Responsibility for children’s personal effects, school uniforms, sports equipment

Triggering requests for substance abuse test and supervising visitation based on results; or following up and implementing testing already ordered by the court

First Right of Caretaking Provision

Enforcement of restrictions in the JCA/Parenting Plan re out of state or out of country travel

Decision-Making Issues

Passports: Cooperation in obtaining, where the passport is kept

Use of the passport/places the parents can go during visitation (where the JCA/Parenting Plan is silent)

Selecting conditions for counseling, whether a child should see a counselor, selecting a counselor, recommending safe harbor provisions for counseling

Change of physician requested by one parent

Child seeing a specialist or specialized testing requested by one parent

Monitoring of computer use by children and other technological specifics (cell phones)

Parent Communication Issues

Parameters for communications:  see Email Instructions for Parenting Coordination Cases

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