PC Most Common Issues FAQ

The most common issues raised with a PC are:

  1. Daily routine. One parent feels the child’s routine at the other parent’s home is inappropriate or bad for the child.  This may include consistent tardies or absences from school, or a child missing important meals or nutrition
  2. Minor alterations in the parenting schedule that do not alter the basic time share allocation. Special activities such as a family wedding, reunion, or funeral.
  3. Childcare arrangements, including day care arrangements and occasional babysitters.
  4. Parenting exchanges and transportation responsibility.
  5. Medical, dental and vision care. If we have joint legal decision-making, who makes the doctor appointments? Who makes the dentist appointments? Can the other parent take our child to the orthodontist without telling me? Am I entitled to be at every doctor and dentist appointment? Does the parent making the appointment have to tell the other parent? What if an appointment is scheduled at a time I can’t make it? What if the other parent takes the child to a chiropractor, naturopath, or some other type of service I don’t agree with? Can the step-parent or anyone other than a parent take the child to a doctor?
  6. Psychological counseling, testing, or other assessment of children.
  7. Education, including but not limited to school choice, tutoring, and participation in special education programs.
  8. Extracurricular activities and arrangements.
  9. Manner and methods of communication between the parties and each party and the children. Scheduling and implementation of telephone contact between parent and child.  When can the other parent call a child? Is the other parent entitled to text the child constantly? If the other parent gave our child a phone, is he entitled to call any time? What if a child can’t be available at the scheduled phone call time? How long should a phone call be? How often should the other parent be able to call? Who should initiate the call — the child or the other parent? Can the step-parents and grandparents call, and if so how often? What if the parent calls and puts the step-parent on the phone? What if I call at the scheduled time and no one ever answers? What if the child is put on speakerphone? Can I record my child’s calls with the other parent?
  10. Unforeseen changes to the schedule, such as a sick child. If a child gets sick at school, who is to pick her up? Does a child have to go on parenting time if she’s sick in bed? What kind of over the counter medicine can be given? If I think my child is sick while at the other parent’s, can I go take her to the doctor if she won’t? What if the other parent isn’t giving the child allergy medicine (or another over the counter medicine) that he needs? How do we transfer prescription medications between the houses?
  11. Children who are estranged from one parent, where the parenting coordinator needs to monitor a reunification process with that parent in a manner and at a pace consistent with their emotional and safety needs, with therapeutic assistance as needed.
  12. Parents who are ordered to undergo substance abuse or alcohol treatment or testing, or psychological services, where the parenting coordinator needs to monitor the treatment and testing to make sure it’s occurring.
  13. Vacation scheduling issues, including Who chooses their dates; how do the dates mesh with regular parenting time; can vacation dates be tacked on to regular time to keep a child with one parent for, say, three weeks in a row? Can 14 days of vacation be divided up throughout the year, a day or two at a time? Can vacations be taken over Winter Break; can vacations override a parent’s fall break time? Can a child be taken out of school for vacation days? Can a vacation be set over 4th of July; Father’s Day? What if a child’s birthday falls during vacation time? What information has to be given to the other parent about a vacation? Can the child be taken out of the country for vacation?
  14. Holidays and conflicts in the Plan. What if the child’s birthday (or a parent’s birthday) falls during the holiday? What if the school calendar changes and makes the Thanksgiving holiday an entire week instead of just Thursday through Monday? What if there are two fall breaks of a couple days each? Is a teacher in-service day a fall break? What if the definition of spring break changes?