Presentations coming up in early 2011

Presentations coming up in early 2011

January and February are CLE-busy, as always. January 20-21 is the annual For Better or For Worse/ Family Law Institute in Phoenix. All day programs on Thursday and Friday will cover all kinds of topics, including privacy issues, postnupts, life insurance, spousal torts, substance abuse issues, bankruptcy, expert witnesses (Daubert et al), spousal maintenance, retirement, and of course Kathleen McCarthy’s Current Developments. I’ll be speaking on Thursday substance abuse and its effects on parenting, and what a PC and the Court can do. Friday ends with the also traditional “Hot Tips from the Experts”, which always has some great new suggestions and “did you know” aspects to it.

January 28-30 is Arizona AFCC’s annual conference in Sedona, Arizona, at the Hilton Sedona. This year’s theme is “Parenting Harmony: Creating a Symphony of Resources”. The Conference brochure can be found at . The highlights (to me) are the Friday night plenary session with Jeffrey Zeig, Ph.D., the four-hour pre-conference institute on child abuse and domestic violence training with Margaret Lee, Ph.D. and Nancy Olesen, Ph.D., a Saturday afternoon Town Hall on the fundamental right to parent, and of course my own workshop (with Edie Croxen and Rebecca Stahl) on Family Law in the Digital Age—Befriend New Technologies. We’ve presently this workshop previously, at AFCC-Reno in 2009, and our technology stuff is updated for this year. Also in Sedona, there will be a lunch hour discussion of AFCC’s Summit Project which focused on communications issues for high-conflict parents, and a toolbox for the court to use to ensure that these parents communicate about the children, no matter what. I was on that Summit project and it was exciting to work with all the other professionals to create a really great court resource that can be provided to high-conflict parents to help them communicate about activities, medical issues, school issues, and other important areas of their child’s lives, with a minimum of conflict and disruption to the children.

After Sedona, and maybe catching our breath, Edie Croxen and I travel to San Francisco to again present Befriend New Technologies at the California AFCC conference in San Francisco. The presentation in California is the Sunday morning plenary session and we are very excited about taking the show on the road. There’s so much to keep up with in terms of technology, websites, blogs, plain old gossip, and new information in family law that we are constantly on our toes looking for new stuff.

Come mid-February, I’ll be tired and likely ready to NOT present anything for the rest of 2011.

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