Recent Articles on Divorce Topics

Recent Articles on Divorce Topics

Just a couple of things to read in your spare time, over this fine upcoming weekend.

Here’s a good article by Michael Black, CFP, CDFA about imputing income to assets in divorce actions.  (This is a PDF download)

A very interesting guide on substance testing (urine and blood), including good drug listings (including generic and alternate names) and detection windows in urine and blood can be found at AITLabs in their publication “Physician’s Reference for Urine and Blood Drug Testing and Interpretation”.    This is also a PDF download.

And at a recent AFCC conference,  I learned from a rep of United States Drug Testing Laboratories, Inc. (USDTL) about delayed testing for the presence of alcohol (through binging) in the blood or hair/ nail testing.    Read the article “Mixology:  When requesting alcohol testing, think 3-3-3” at page 8 of that link to that organization’s magazine “Substance”.       Blood testing as far out as three weeks after binge drinking can show the presence of alcohol, and according to this lab, hair and nail testing out as far as three months can show “multiple occurrences of high alcohol consumption” within that three months.

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