SCRAM bracelets offer an alternative to random testing for alcohol use

SCRAM bracelets offer an alternative to random testing for alcohol use

SCRAM, as in the SCRAM bracelet, stands for Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring.  It’s a bracelet (actually, normally an anklet) that can continuously monitor use of alcohol transdermally, to either prove alcohol abuse or discredit a false claim of it.    The device tests the surface of the skin every 30 minutes to detect the presence of alcohol in “insensible” perspiration that is simply ethanol vapor emanating from the skin.

device detects how much alcohol a person consumes, and when. The
information is downloaded remotely (once a day, or more frequently), and reports can be reviewed to determine if there
is a violation.

The SCRAM bracelet is now primarily used in criminal cases, especially drunken
driving cases.    Its use in family court is limited, but more and more family court judges in Arizona are aware of the device, and even more mental health professionals are in favor of it.

Most professionals in the family law field are aware of the limitations of urine testing for alcohol consumption.    Even random testing usually allows the testing party several hours to arrive at the test facility, and alcohol is quickly assimilated in the body and may not show up in testing just a few hours after consumption.

More information can be found at the SCRAM official website at SCRAM bracelets

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