The Impaired Parent: What the Court, TASC and a PC Can Do

The Impaired Parent: What the Court, TASC and a PC Can Do

This topic is one I presented on (briefly) on January 20 at the Arizona Family Law Institute (the 2-day program co-sponsored by the State Bar and AAML).  A couple of resources I’ll mention which aren’t in the materials are here.

Here’s a link to Judge Warner’s article in the Arizona Attorney (July 2010) called Parenting from the Bench, an excellent review of the fundamental right to parent and the court’s authority to make parenting decisions.

The Rosen v. Roger case (Arizona Court of Appeals, Div. 1, 2009) is memorandum decision that approved the court’s use of a graduated parenting plan for a parent convicted of a drug offense.  Note that as a memorandum decision, this case cannot be cited as authoritative precedent.  As the only copy I have of Rosen is a Westlaw copyright-protected version, and this case is no longer available on the Court of Appeals website of Memorandum decisions, you can contact me if you’d like a copy, but I can’t post it here.

There is a Child and Family Social Work journal article titled “When Parents Use Drugs:  Key Findings from Qualitative Research on Parenting and Children in Iran” that’s available through the Wiley-Blackwell publication website at Wiley-Blackwell

Information about the SCRAM alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet can be found at        SCRAM has been ordered in court cases and can be requested of a Judge or PC, or can be done voluntarily.  

I’m told that Maricopa County Court will be contracting with a different service that provides both alcohol monitoring systems as well as offering assessment and treatment programs, so don’t be surprised if your request to the Court for SCRAM is met with a different name.  Justice Services offers these services at reduced rates which will open up assessment and treatment to more people; but I’m not clear at this point (even from a review of their website section on “Monitoring”) whether Justice Services offers an ankle-bracelet, continuous home monitoring option like SCRAM.

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